We are deeply honored each time that one of our clients takes the time to send us a note of thanks. Below are some of our favorites.

My 14 year old cat, Charlotte, truly was my baby. She was with me through so much, when the time came to let her go, it was like losing a family member. I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Francis. She was so kind and compassionate. My baby simply fell into a peaceful sleep on my bed. I’ll be grateful to Dr. Francis. She was made for this job.
— Laura - Jonesborough, TN
Thank you very much for your kind message. Your service on Saturday was beautiful and very comforting. We have shared our experience with friends and we have been asked by several to give them your name and number which of course we have gladly done.
— Bob and Kathy - Bristol, TN
The service you provided was so caring that it more than met our expectations. Your calming presence and explanation about the process was so welcoming. Thank you so much for the paw print.
— Amy - Bristol, TN
Dr. Francis was very kind and provided this difficult service at our home. She was prompt and professional. Dr. Francis evaluated my pet and determined his time to go had come. He was in a lot of pain. He will be missed forever, but Dr. Francis made it painless for him and easier for us to let go.
— Wendy - Kingsport, TN
Sarah, you are very kind and helpful. I felt reassured I was doing the right thing. I hated letting go, yet it was the right thing to do. I’ve heard ‘horror stories’ of big needles into the heart; it was not like that at all. She (Patches) went very peacefully and I was there to see her go. Thank you, Sarah.
— Ted - Bristol, TN
The passing of our beloved Penny was made far less traumatic by the soothing and comforting manner of Dr. Francis. She was very empathetic, carefully explaining and preparing us for the process. We are so grateful Penny could be in familiar surroundings during her last time with us. We highly recommend the excellent services of Dr. Francis.
— Chuck and Vickie - Abingdon, VA
Piper had been through so much already. It was so nice to be able to let her go at her home instead of an unfamiliar sterile environment. Although it was still hard to let her go, Dr. Francis helped her pass with comfort and love surrounding her.
— Randy and Meg - Bristol, VA
Our dog Molly hated the vet clinic. Loving Hands Home Euthanasia offered us the ability to avoid that stressful situation when the time came. Molly’s last moments were spent in her favorite spot on the porch in the sunshine. Dr. Francis was so kind and calm. We will be forever grateful for her care at that very difficult time.
— Laura - Glade Spring, VA
Thanks to Dr. Francis for making one of the hardest decisions of my life, the smoothest and most humane way possible. Her compassion and love for our pet as well as my family went above and beyond what we could have hoped for.
— Stephanie - Abingdon, VA
Dr. Sarah was very kind and helpful. We felt comforted that our dog, Manly, could die peacefully in the home he loved without the added anxiety of transporting him to the vet. It is a very dignified and humane service they provide
— Lannette - Johnson City, TN
My dog, Raskal, was my first sole responsibility dog. I got him in September of 2002. He was just a little ball of fur at 6 weeks of age. He and I have been through some very tough times. He was my protector for ten and a half years. On May 16 2013, I became his. Five weeks earlier, he was diagnosed with a splenic tumor and maybe would live a couple of months. I contacted Loving Hands when I saw the end was near. Dr. Francis could have not been nicer or more sympathetic to my request. She told me that even though it was hard, it was the best thing that I could do for Raskal. She treated him as if he were her own dog. She waited with us until we were ready to say goodbye and when the time came and went, Dr. Francis handled Raskal with such care. I would recommend Dr. Francis and Loving Hands for anyone who is facing such a difficult decision.
— Candace - Bristol, TN
We are so grateful for the service Sarah provided. She was professional, understanding, and helpful in our situation and ensured our pet was comfortable and cared for. We will keep her card and would recommend her to friends and family if they have a similar need.
— Juliet - Johnson City, TN
I am so happy I chose Dr. Francis/Loving Hands for this sad time in our lives. Dr. Francis was caring, patient, and very kind to us and our pet. Having her come to our home made this difficult time less stressful for us and our baby Angel. I will do this again at home for our other pets. Thank you Dr. Francis for the care you gave to our loving Angel baby.
— Nicole - Kingsport, TN
I did not get to meet you yesterday because emotionally I just couldn’t be there when you put my precious Laney to sleep. I just wanted to thank you for everything. My husband and my parents said that you made it so much easier. I cried all day yesterday and I am crying now as I type this but I knew it was time. Laney had been with me longer than my daughter and my husband and telling her goodbye was so hard. I just wanted to say thank you again for being so kind and compassionate. It means more than you know. We got the plaque you made of Laney’s Paw…..I am speechless…it was amazing. It means so much to know that someone these days care enough to go the extra mile and make it personal. The handwritten note was also very touching. You made a hard time so much easier. Thank you so much!
— Misty - Kingsport, TN
I received your note yesterday and I wanted to tell you that I greatly appreciate it. It was horrible having to let Rudy go and I wish I would have kept it together for him. I thought that I could handle it but I was so overcome with emotion that day. I felt so much grief and guilt that I thought I was going to lose my mind. I think I convinced myself you were going to tell me he was ok and had been misdiagnosed and I was doing the wrong thing. I still feel a lot of grief and uncertainty but your note made me feel better. I am sure in time I will feel like I did the right thing. Anyway I guess I just wanted to really thank you for the way you handled everything. He wasn’t even afraid of you. You have no idea how much that means to me. You have such a gentle way about you. I don’t know how you do it but there is probably no one on earth that would do a better job. Also thank you very much for taking the time to send the card. I really appreciated your kind words and reassurance. I am glad we chose you to help Rudy. Thank you again. You are welcome to use us as a referral anytime. I know if I ever face this again or know someone else that is facing it, I will definitely refer them to you.
— Susan - Abingdon, VA
We lost our special ‘buddy’ Sandi last Wednesday. He was a fourteen year old lab/shep mix. Thank you, Dr. Sarah Francis for coming to our home. Your caring and compassion meant so much to us. Thank you again for your tender care at such a hard time for us. The poem you included in your note has helped me in my grieving process. I will tell all my friends and family about your service. Sarah, you are the best! I have been singing your praises to everyone I know. Thank you again.
— Carol - Kingsport, TN
We knew Grendel was struggling, and it was devastating to watch him decline. Our sweet dog was in pain every day, and though we hoped he would die peacefully in his sleep with us in his most familiar, safe place, it became increasingly clear that his suffering was too great. We knew we had to think of euthanizing. Our own veterinarian was sensitive and kind, and she loved Grendel, too, but the arrangements she offered didn’t appeal to us at all. Grendel, a big dog, was scared of slippery surfaces, and the vet’s office always made him nervous. And it didn’t seem right to say good-bye to our sweet friend in that place. We were grateful to be referred to Dr. Francis at Loving Hands. She was sensitive but not maudlin, efficient but not brusque. She obviously loves pets and their families and has realized how important and difficult this kind of decision is to make. She gave us a step by step understanding of what she was doing and what would happen, and even though she was present, our grief felt private. She even took a paw print impression and sent it to us later. I really appreciated her demeanor and her expertise. She made our very difficult and emotional time more bearable, and what is more—she made it so much less stressful for Grendel, who was able to die in our arms in the backyard he loved.
— Heather - Johnson City, TN
In a most difficult time, Dr. Francis provided a quality, caring, and heartfelt service in the comfort of my home. Thank you so much for helping me during this sad, sad time. It meant so much to me to be able to have Sadie at home with me.
— Betty - Johnson City, TN
The service we received was excellent. Our pain and grief were unbearable. Dr. Francis made this horrible decision we had to make so much easier to handle. I will never forget the kindness, gentleness, and understanding shown. I cannot say enough good things about this service. It has allowed us to grieve without guilt.
— Smith Family - Bristol, TN
Sarah came to my home a few months ago and treated my little buddy, Merlin. Dr. Francis was wonderful! She followed my instructions to the letter and was so thoughtful and respectful. For Merlin it was so easy. He didn’t notice anything. He just fell asleep. I still have a hard time talking about it, but it couldn’t have been any more loving for my little buddy. Thank you Dr. Sarah Francis!
— Victoria - Johnson City, TN
Back a couple of months ago, I had a lab named Levi who had gotten hip dysplasia and was 12+ years old. I knew it was time to stop his suffering, but had no way to take this 120# lab to the vet. He couldn’t even stand on his hind quarters. So I called the vet’s office and they gave me a referral to Dr. Francis who was getting her home euthanasia service started. I called her and set up a time for her to come out and evaluate Levi. It was 730 pm on a cold rainy night and she came to our house. I was so relieved Levi would not have to suffer throughout the night outside, because we were unable to move him. She came and evaluated Levi and we decided it was time to let him go. She was very caring and empathetic to Levi’s needs as well as ours. I can’t thank her enough. It was such a relief for all of us. Dr. Francis is very compassionate. I received a follow up call and a nice handwritten sympathy card from her in the mail a few days later. That meant a lot. Sad to say we used her again a few weeks ago for my beloved 15+ year old Jack Russell with the same compassion and great service she provided in the past. In losing two of my animals in just a few weeks apart, Dr. Francis assured me we were doing the right thing at the right time and allowed our pets to be at home and kept as comfortable as they could be until the very end. Thank you Dr. Francis!!!
— Carla - Bristol, VA
We tried for over a week to take Wrinkles to the vet to get euthanized but could never make it to the car. We had her for 12 years, so she was like a baby to us. Thanks to Sarah Francis coming to our home, we were able to let Wrinkles pass in peace without making her stress to get into a car. Also, we were able to grieve in the privacy of our own home. This is the best service a true animal lover could ask for. Thank you Dr. Francis!
— Sherri - Bristol, VA
When the time came to put my pet down, Loving Hands Home Euthanasia was there to help me through the process. There was no way I could take my pet to the vet and then bring him home. He was so comfortable in his home environment. Thank you.
— Ruby - Abingdon, VA
Thank you so much for providing such a needed and valuable service in our area. After an agonizing decision that it was time to let our beloved cat, Caesar, go after 18 years, we were reluctant to take him to the vet for the procedure because we did not want his last moments to be spent stressed and afraid. You took the time after spending a long day at the clinic in Bristol to come to Elizabethton and allow Caesar to be surrounded with love and care and pass on so peacefully. Your love and compassion for animals is evident as is your professionalism. Thank you for being the person and good doctor you are!
— Patti & Jim - Elizabethton, TN
Our family was very grateful for the compassionate care we received. It was such a comfort to be able to be at home to grieve privately and also for our pet’s peace and comfort.
— Patti - Johnson City, TN
Dr. Francis was wonderful and caring. It is difficult to say ‘goodbye’ to a pet who is a family member. Having Dr. Francis with us and watching the peaceful crossing over of our cat gave us such a calming feeling. Our tears came but knowing that our pet was no longer suffering eases the sense of loss. This is a special and an exceptional service.
— John & Sandra - Bristol, TN
Dr. Francis was so responsive to us in our time of need. She was very accommodating and prompt. Her caring service is highly recommended.
— David & Jerri - Bristol, TN
Dr. Francis is a consummate professional, and a caring and compassionate veterinarian and human being. She helped us in a difficult situation and allowed our beloved 16 year old cat to leave this world in the most loving, humane manner possible.
— Mike - Unicoi, TN
We cannot thank Dr. Sarah Francis enough for the very much needed service that she provides for this area. She is so kind, gentle, and she explains everything so well. We were so thankful to have the option of in home euthanasia so that our little Chloe could pass peacefully in her own home. Even though it is always a very difficult decision, it is so much more comforting for both the parent and the pet to be able to be in your own home instead of a vet’s office. We have already recommended her to others and, we can’t say enough good things about her and the service that she provides.
— Deana - Bristol, VA
My 14-year-old beagle mix started her downhill slide of health last July. Hints of her age were already apparent, but the first of the year brought the occasional cough that worsened into a daily and more frequent occurrence. Our local vet confirmed that her heart murmur was pushing fluid into her lungs. After a few weeks of different medications and doses, her condition was still deteriorating. Since Dr. Francis is a personal friend of mine, I knew firsthand of her exceptional knowledge and kindness for animals. I sought her out for a second opinion, and she agreed with my vet’s diagnosis - my first baby was in congestive heart failure. Dr. Francis was extremely thorough in her gentle explanation of her unique services that cater not only to the comfort of the distressed animal, but also to the heartbroken owner. On Mother’s Day, Dr. Francis evaluated Corona’s condition, and it was decided that it was the day to lay her to rest in the privacy and comfort of her own home and her own doggy bed. I was able to stay with Corona and hold her sweet face until there was no breath, no sound, no more coughing. Just peace. Dr. Francis made a beautiful impression of Corona’s paw print that will forever be a little piece of her that I can keep. Her professionalism, compassion for both owner and pet, and thoughtfulness are unsurpassed. I am so grateful that she was able to make such a heart-wrenching day so much easier. I’m incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful woman as a friend and am in awe of her strength to be able to handle such an emotionally-charged event with such grace and understanding. I know Corona appreciated her love and spirit in life, and I appreciated Dr. Francis during her death. I highly recommend that others take advantage of her services when making the difficult decision to let their own four-legged family member cross the Rainbow Bridge
— Morgan - Knoxville, TN