Bristol Herald Courier

Bristol Herald Courier

BRISTOL, Tenn. — Carla Johnson faced a sad end — twice — in only a few weeks.

“My lab got down and just couldn’t get back up. His hips were gone,” said Johnson, a registered nurse who lives in the Reedy Creek area of Washington County, near Bristol, Va.

That dog, Levi, weighed 120 pounds and was 13 years old when Johnson called for the services of Dr. Sarah Francis, a veterinarian.

Francis operates Loving Hands Home Euthanasia, a house-call service, which allows pets to die at owners’ homes.

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Johnson City Press

Losing a pet is a traumatic experience, and perhaps even more so when euthanasia becomes the most humane option.

When the time comes to end the suffering of a beloved cat or dog, the dread of taking them to a veterinarian’s office and saying goodbye in a sterile examining room can cause some pet owners to put off the inevitable and prolong the pain. If a dog is large and immobile, the trip may be more than the pet owner can accomplish. Or they may feel the trip would be more painful for their pet than letting nature take its course.

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Kingsport Times News

Dr. Sarah Francis has launched a new business to give local animal lovers another option when it comes time to say goodbye to their pets.

   Loving Hands Home Euthanasia provides a unique opportunity to say goodbye where you, your family, and your pet feel most comfortable — in your own home, Francis said.   Originally from Virginia Beach, Francis received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Virginia Tech and a degree in veterinary medicine from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, Va., in 2008.   After graduation, Francis worked for several years in Knoxville and the Tri-Cities area in general small animal private practice, shelter medicine, and emergency medicine. Her professional interests include small animal medicine and surgery, emergency medicine, and ophthalmology.   Francis said she got the idea for the business after her mother was searching for a veterinarian to provide euthanasia services in her home.Read More